Since 1986 Vera Reichert has dedicated herself to plastic and visual arts. She lives and in the city of Campo Bom, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where she also keeps her studio. Vera works with  art forms such as drawing, painting, photography and videography.

As a scuba diver, her incursions into the wonders  of underwater life awaked her concern about pollution and water resources. And this has been the inspiration for her abstract work.

So, with colors, shapes, textures and abstractions in her work, Vera shares her underwater experiences and calls attention to the need for greater ecological responsibility.

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Book | The Restless eye


The images in this book, as well as all of her work, carry with them the objective of generating meanings and disturbing the vision.

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In these 30 years of working with art, she has experimented with varied techniques and support.
It started with drawing and already at that moment was the bottom of the sea her motif. So too with painting.
When she started to photograph, on the dives, she changed her focus and her work became more contemporary. She never stopped painting but also started to use photography, video, installations and objects as language.