About the artist

Since 1986 Vera Reichert has dedicated herself to plastic and visual arts. She lives and has her atelier in the city of Campo Bom, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where she also keeps her studio. Vera works with  art forms such as drawing, painting, photography and videography.

Every artist translates, in their own way, part of the universe.

While Vera studied in Portuguese and German languages, she found that words were not the perfect way to express the sensations derived from the life and beauty of the oceans.  

As a scuba diver, her incursions into the wonders  of underwater life awaked her concern about pollution and water resources. And this has been the inspiration for her abstract work.

So, with colors, shapes, textures and abstractions in her work, Vera shares her underwater experiences and calls attention to the need for greater ecological responsibility.

"Scuba diving is, for me, a fascinating challenge. Even more fascinating, however, is to photograph, to film and portray the experiences I have had through the paintings and reflected boxes."

Professional experience

Out of her 32 INDIVIDUAL Exhibitions, 4 were International (in Paris, France), 1 in the state of Bahia, Brazil (in Salvador) and the other 20 took place in cities of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where she lives.

Out of dozens of GROUP Exhibitions she has participated, 7 of them were International.

Reports about her work have been published in several newspapers (Zero Hora, Correio do Povo etc.), magazines (including Nautica, Mergulho, Pauta) and interviews with her have been broadcasted in several TV channels.

She has given a lot of lectures, speaking about water pollution and environmental preservation.