Book ”The restless eye”

He wrote a BOOK to tell his journey in the art world, to leave a message to young people and, mainly, to his grandchildren.

The title "The Restless Eye" refers to the concern about the future of water in the environment and concern about their work, in the search for supports and new materials.

The images in this book, as well as all of his work, carry with them the objective of generating meanings and disturbing the vision.

The book has 256 pages, images of all phases and techniques used, permeated with texts about his work and talking about WATER.

Salt or fresh, water is the guiding thread of all his artistic works, both paintings, objects and sculptures. His paintings are abstract, with shapes, colors and textures seen in his dives, under the sea.

He conceived the launch of this book for March 22, the International Water Day. Why on this day? Because water, like reflections, are your references, the plastic material of your research.

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